This weekend we visited Mardurodam. Madurodam has been the smallest city in the Netherlands.
Canals, gabled houses and all kinds of other typical Dutch scenes: the miniature cities on a scale 1:25.
You can see there typical architecture for Holland.

In miniature city Madurodam you will see the well-known buildings and scenes in The Netherlands replicated. The Parliament buildings of The Hague, the canal houses of Amsterdam, the Alkmaar cheese market and little trees and gardens are shown there miniatured. Windmills turn, ships sail and modern trains are tracersing the city on the world’s largest miniature railway.

Madurodam is open all year round. You can visit the miniature city, but also the special activities or exhibitions that are organised regularly.

I `ve just visited my friend in wonderful city Krakow. I`ve stayed in Piano Krakow hostel

Kraków is a city of paradox when we look on the architecture. It has a lot old builidings mixed with the new ones.

We wanted to find perfect place for out meeting in Krakow.
We had a lot of fun there, especially during our nightouts. I`ve met a lot of people. Polish are very open and sociable. I was suprised as I thought that they are the opposite.

Nowadays the diamond trade attracts millions of tourists and buyers from around the world. Most diamond polishers as well as diamond traders give demonstrations in diamond cutting.

When the diamond trade was introduced to Amsterdam in the 16th century, this city developed into one of the world’s most important diamond centers. During the War more than 2000 Jewish diamond polishers disappeared from Amsterdam into concentration camps in Germany and Poland. After the war the diamond trade was in part returned to its former glory due to the efforts of the diamond merchants and help from abroad.

The most popular diamond shops can be found in Amsterdam such as: Gassan Diamonds, Amsterdam Diamond Center and Coster Diamonds. Many famous diamonds were cut and polished in Amsterdam. For example, the “Cullinan”, the largest diamond ever found. But also the “Koh-I-Noor”, which means Mountain of Light, was cut for the British Crown Jewels in 1852. Furthermore, the world’s smallest diamond, just 0.00012 carat, but with 57 facest, was also cut in Amsterdam.

We went to Tangram shop with Monica yesterday. We found nice presents for my mummy and sister. I love that shop because of all this cute goods, even though they are of everyday use, their design is bewitching. I bought a lovely kettle for myself. Monica liked it so much that she bought identical.

The Hortus Botanicus is located on the edge of the bustling city of Amsterdam and is one of the oldest examples of botanical gardens in the world.Visitors can enjoy over 6,000 varieties of plants and 4,000 different species in the gardens as well as seven impressive climate controlled greenhouses. The gardens offer a great respite for visitors from the bustle of downtown Amsterdam. Hortus Botanicus was originally used as a training centre for doctors and pharmacists who trained in herbal remedies in the wake of Europe’s epidemic of bubonic plague. Gardening enthusiasts will experience a resplendent collection of plants at the venue – many of which were brought over to Amsterdam along with herbs and spices by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Just a five-minute walk down the Damrak from Centraal Station takes you into this jam-packed square.

There are food stalls, restaurants and shops galores, including the trendy Bijenkorf, Magna Plaza, Bonneterie and the Amsterdam Diamond centre. Such is the popularity of Dam Square that you might even have to wait for a seat at one of the many cafés and bars. Whatever the weather, there is always something going on here so expect lots of entertainment. In spring, there may be a carnival on or you can have a go on the colourful Ferris wheel. In the summer months, mimers and other street performers come out to surprise unexpected onlookers.

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